About ExpatNannies

Who are we

Esmée Hendriksen

Hi! I am Esmée, a 20-year-old student at Leiden University College The Hague. I have always been passionate about childcare, and I have been a babysitter in The Hague for three years now. Over time I noticed that many of the expat families whom I babysat for and their friends were struggling to find a reliable, multilingual babysitter in The Hague due to their small personal network. This is how I started thinking about ways of solving this problem for expats. Eventually, this resulted in ExpatNannies! I look very much forward to helping you find the babysitter you need!

Myrthe Hendriksen

Hi! I am Myrthe. I am 18 years old and I currently live in Amsterdam, where I just started my Bachelor in Future Planet Studies! I have always been service oriented and very passionate about entrepreneurship, which is why I decided to start up a babysitting agency with Esmée. I am very excited about our initiative, and I hope to help out many expat families in need of care for their children!